The New Way to send money sell online buy online gives you the tool and easy management of your payment online accepting payments on your website or buy online product and services. We give you several options to flex between different online payment services all managed in one single personal wallet.

Multi Gateway payment solution

payment direct gateway

Our Features


Get a full view instantly from your dashboard and follow movement and transactions in your wallet.


Easy to install payment button with instant callback to update payment status on your website.


Pay and receive bitcoin payments directly on bitcoin network fast and reliable.

API Gateway

API integration for single and mass-payments for your online business.

Wallet to wallet

With our own wallet payprocessor you can pay and accept payment instant online

Multiply Gateway

Support of multiply payments to flex between other online payment services.

Who We Are is a none-profit organization of developers and foundators with the goal to create outstanding online services free to the public. We believe things should be easy to use and of a high standard. As a none-profit organization we aim to keep the service fee structure low possible only to cover for the expences of server and service offered.

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